Lia Haraki,  GOLD , 2018. Photo: Pavlos Vrionides

Lia Haraki, GOLD, 2018. Photo: Pavlos Vrionides


Performance, 2018

Nadina Loizidou in a solo performance created by LIa Haraki to the sound of Yakinthi Lagiou

 Alchemists would transmute common metals into gold. 
The dancer like the alchemist transmutes movement into energy. 
Energy like gold remains untouched with the passing of time. 


Concept /choreography /direction: Lia Haraki
Performance / choreography contributor: Nadina Loezidou
Sound: Yakinthi Lagiou
Video: Savvas Baltzis
Photography: Pavlos Vrionides
Graphics: Despina Kannaourou
Technical management: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis
Technical assistance and sound editing: Andrea S. D’Alessandro

Duration 45’

Production .pelma.Lia Haraki
Sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture - Cultural Services, in the frame of the TERPSICHORE program 2018.


Saturday 1st December two performances at 19:30 and at 21:00

Sunday 2nd December one performance at 19:30

Sunday at 18:00 presentation on the creative process by Lia Haraki.

Limassol Municipal Arts Centre –Apothikes Papadaki

Stathis Papadakis street (Ayiou Andreou side alley)

Free entrance.