The Performance Shop

Where performance is an integral part of everydayness.

The concept of The Performance Shop is based on the idea that art and specifically performance can be accessed and practiced by local communities of people in different countries across borders as a source of shared value and meaning.

The Performance Shop is a place within the everydayness that allows art to be in dialogue with life and vice versa by offering easy access to performance creation, sharing and practice through innovative ways, artistic diversity and social participation of people of all kinds. 

‘…art initially arose from the everyday experience and should still be a part of that experience’ 

Adam Krause, Art as politics



At the Performance shop any individual can witness, participate or order a performance.

Particularly the project is a pop up shop that opens for a short time (1-3 months) in any city either in the frame of a local performance festival or as an individual shop, in a busy street.

The shop includes permanent performances produced by the shop and also performances on a temporary basis created by local artists of the cities hosting. These are artistic creations of different kinds and themes that either promote or challenge performance itself as a human related activity.

These guest performances are selected by a team of collaborators of the performance shop which include people of the organizing team and local partners who select the works after evaluating all applications received following an open call.

The Performance shop is a project conceived by artist Lia Haraki and organized by her and her collaborators. The Shop opened in Nicosia in November 2014 (pop up festival) and in Limassol in December 2015 (Funded by the Ministry of education and culture)

In 2015 the Performance Shop was selected as one of 25 best practises by EDN (European Dancehouse Network) after a conference and research with the theme HOW TO MAKE DANCE RELEVANT. 



Art is an essential part of life and life an essential part of art, this idea is where the concept of the shop is based on. All humans are creations means that they can also become a conscious manifestation of their creative nature. The shop becomes a frame for the extra-ordinary to be a part of the ordinary or, in other words, each person’s personal expressive universe to join the already made social universe (system), the world it is adapted to. What connects a performance as a commodity with other selling products, is that while performance is immaterial and non-tangible and sometimes considered a luxurious by product of art, it can be widely accessible to the public and offer quality and value for money.



The Performance Shop as one of 25 best practises by EDN (European Dancehouse Network) after a conference and research with the theme HOW TO MAKE DANCE RELEVANT.

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