The Performance Shop

Where performance is an integral part of everydayness.

The concept of The Performance Shop is based on the idea that art and specifically performance can be accessed and practiced by local communities of people in different countries across borders as a source of shared value and meaning.

It is a place within the everydayness that allows art to be in dialogue with life and vice versa by offering easy access to performance creation, sharing and practice through innovative ways, artistic diversity and social participation of people of all kinds. 

What it is

The Performance Shop is a pop-up shop offering a variety of available performances of diverse styles, genres and themes, giving viewers/passers-by the opportunity to choose, watch or participate in one or more of the available works.



The project seeks to bring art closer to people within the wider context of society and everyday life. The aim is to highlight the act of performance as an important component of human empowerment and evolution, of man as a member of society, as an artist and as an active spectator.

In the context of the shop, a citizen has easier access to live art and the opportunity to choose the performance of his/her preference from an extensive catalogue. These features make the spectator/passer-by active and their choices personal and therefore valuable.

The identity of the performance as a product, however intangible and ephemeral, is underlined by the delicate irony found in the concept of the ‘commodity/service’ that can be bought at the store, offering a cost-value relationship while at the same time not compromising its artistic quality. The project also opens up discussions on the necessity and the value of the ephemeral offered by performance and its relation to consumerism.



The Performance Shop is a project conceived by artist Lia Haraki and organized by her and her team of collaborators. It first opened in Nicosia in 2014 (Pop-Up Festival / NiMAC) and then in Limassol in 2015 (funded by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture). In 2016 it was selected as one of the 25 best dance practices in Europe by the EDN (European Dancehouse Network).

The Performance Shop Athens

The Performance Shop opened in Athens, as part of the section Opening to the City of Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2018, supported by the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, in cooperation with the House of Cyprus in Athens and the OXYGONO Social Enterprise.

The shop was active on one of the main shopping streets in downtown Athens between 15 June and 15 July 2018 from 10>00 am to 21:00 pm. It offered performances on display in the windoes of the shop, one on one performances that worked via booking and performances for a small audience. Overall it included 16 performances that were happening on an everyday basis.

For more information on the performances and the artists please visit the link to The Performance Shop’s website below



The Performance Shop as one of 25 best practises by EDN (European Dancehouse Network) after a conference and research with the theme HOW TO MAKE DANCE RELEVANT.

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The Performance Shop by Steriani Tzintziloni