The Onion 
A workshop for performance makers by Lia Haraki

'We will literally cry while peeling onions
so that we come closer to the essence of presence'

Creation usually implies the development of an idea in order to come to an end result, a process of constructing towards a presentation which can take different forms. In this 2 day workshop Lia Haraki gives participants another perspective to the creative process as a process of undoing rather than doing, removing the unnecessary so that the outcome can be revealed rather than developed.

By using the onion as a metaphor participants are guided to ‘peel off ‘ unnecessary layers that keep the art work hidden and locked. 
The particular workshop is a journey of mapping artistic desires and creative ideas, developing skills related to choice making and gaining an understanding of the essential as necessary.

The workshop includes physical and vocal practices and theories related to the creative process so that artists can reflect, share and dive into the essence of their work. 

’’I am practicing performance making on a daily basis the last 15 years creating works for the stage and other spaces. The fact that there are no recipes for making ‘good’ work keeps me fascinated and curious. A big part of my research is sharing the information and methods of working that are developed from my work in the forms of workshops and mentoring of artists in their own work. This is because I know that exploration and discovery happen both on a personal and a collective level bearing in mind that there are infinite ways of creating and every one of them is equally important.
In this particular workshop I will be sharing practices, tools and ways of dealing with dead ends that I often come across in my own process.’’ Lia Haraki

For whom:
For creators from the fields of live performance (dance, performance, live art, theatre, music)

Comments from participants:

It was fun!

It was fresh!

It was intimate!

It was personal…

It was realisation and acceptance…

It was generous and giving…

By the end of The Onion, I could feel the sparks!

I went in, not knowing what I will come across and left fulfilled and inspired!

Anthi Kettirou


"The Onion was a magical, dense, open and safe space to explore one’s own ideas and art practice(s). I was able to clarify my intentions, my art wishes, my future plans by pealing onions, talking and walking, looking and sharing, discussing and re-discussing, writing and observing. Lia while sharing her methodology, and her practical and discursive exercises was a supportive coordinator able to listen, challenge and push our line of thoughts. If you need a workshop to concentrate, confront, clarify and/or wander on your art practice, then that’s a place to be."

Petros Konnaris


I felt that the workshop was really helpful at a personal and at a professional level as well. The fact that we shared common fears and  experiences was really encouraging. The thing I liked the most was the structure of the workshop. The fact that there was always a practical part-''exercises'' that proceeded the ''theoretical part''. Exercises that were really fun, relaxing and helpful and that they were ''preparing  us''  for the maps/diagrams.

In general, it helped me realize that it is all about the process and that it is ok to be confused!! That there are mechanisms that help each individual to find ''την άκρη του νήματος'' or at least to untangle some ideas. Furthermore, this workshop made me understand that I have to love and accept what I am, change what affects me and my work. Satisfy myself, say no, respect my own limits/boundaries and embrace the process. 

Lenia Georgiou

Participants Kalia Maliali and Petros Konnaris

Participants Kalia Maliali and Petros Konnaris