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SKIN is a journey of care in a safe environment where individuals trust their existence to others for a while.
The performance is for either one or two participants and works through the stimulation of their touch and hearing senses. The participants close their eyes and the performers treat their body as a gate of perception by giving them the chance to come in contact with a very sensitive and vulnerable side of themselves. The piece therefore exists only in the imagination and understanding of the participant/s who are the main performer/s.

Concept / Creation: Lia Haraki
Curation for SKIN 2 SKIN: Andrea S. D’Alessandro
Performance: Maria Kasapi, Georgia Andreou, Petros Konnaris
Music selection: Panos Bartzis
Picture: Maria Kassapi

Duration: 30’
Number of participants: 1 or 2


8.9.2019 | Dance House Lefkosia

11.9.2019 | House of Arts and Literature, Larnaca

14.9.2019 | Technopolis 20, Paphos

in the frame of the Visibility Programme | ‘En Kinisei’ Festival

Reservations/Information: 99 669476