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Be a member of our pelma community and come closer to the art!

.pelma.Lia Haraki is a non profitable association which does not receive annual funding. It receives funding from the ministry of culture of Cyprus for several projects. Support from members and individual companies help the associations work and projects develop.

We are proud to have developed a community of artists and individuals who share an interest in the .pelma. works and activities. We value our member’s financial support as well as their participation in the development of ideas and structures that connect art to the world, making it an active practise in creating positive change.

We believe in a community where people can find their own room to become creatively active in the many fields of work our structure is made of and this is why we created the .pelma. sharings you can find below.

Here is what we offer our members in detail:

Why become a member of .pelma.

  1. To join a community of people who enjoy and value our work and want to support it

  2. Reduction on all activities (performances and workshops). See calendar for full programme of activities 2019

  3. To receive a newsletter three times a year updating you with our activities and performances

  4. To be invited to the general meeting once a year and be updated with all projects and future plans.

  5. To take part in the ‘Pelma sharings’ (see description below).

The Pelma sharings are three performative activities we would like to offer our members that will be happening in three separate days during 2019.

The aim of the activities is to offer an opportunity for the group of people that support our work, to come together and connect to each other and the work through private performative experiences.

These are:

The Speaker - Urban performative tour  - May 12th

A tour in town exclusively for the pelma members based on the work ‘The Speaker’.Several speakers will be placed in different parts of town that will be responding to our members music requests, be able to hold a conversation and guide them through directions towards there next performative destination. Learn more here

The Performance Shop – A day of private experiences - September 21st

A full day of performances exclusively for the pelma members in the frame of ‘The Performance Shop’.Our members will be able to connect to their senses by visiting any one of our one on one performances and perhaps even stepping in the window of the shop themselves, being ‘on display’ for a while. Learn more here

The Feast – Performance dinner - December 20th

A dinner exclusively for the pelma members based on the work ‘The Feast’. Our members will be invited to a feast where extra- ordinary events will take place as the night unfolds in unpredictable ways.  Learn more here


Types of Memberships

Membership A: 100 euros 25 % off for all workshops and 50% off for all performances.

Membership B: 50 euros 15 % off all workshops and 25% off all performances.


To become a member

write an email to: pelma.performances@gmail.com

we will then send you more details