June - September 2019 - THEATROPOLIS OPAP

Approaches the “line” as a tool of connection, linking a starting point with an end point, the sender with the recipient, the artist with an audience.


The practice of Greek Cypriot visual artist PASHIAS is grounded in the field of performance art, installation and photography, by establishing the artist’s body as basic material for creation. PASHIAS has participated in solo and group exhibitions, as well as international festivals in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belgium, Turkey and Brazil. More specifically, he has collaborated with cultural organizations, such as the Marina Abramovic Institute, Estonia Contemporary Art Museum, SESC São Paulo, Besancon Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts, Mediterranean Biennale of Contemporary Art and Thessaloniki Biennaleof Contemporary Art. PASHIAS co-founded in 2013 the epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation as an international project for the support of cultural activities, has been engaged in curating exhibitions and series of events on the relationship of live action to other artistic practices and has been working as an educator/lecturer through various academic programs. More information available at: