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BRIDGES is a residency programme which aims at providing the context for a new kind of territoriality, which allows for the socio-political boundaries of art in our times to be challenged, shifted and transformed. A territoriality which will enables non-restricted and bold research to take place and which will build bridges between performing arts, visual arts, performance art and science. The residency’s name, “BRIDGES” is based on the conceptual framework, which lays the foundations of a bridge. This, not only aims at connecting two border points together, but also and to a greater extend, at creating this new territoriality, which will be widely available for exploration.

Art as a concept, a practice, a creative process and an action offers numerous opportunities for deterritorialization. Bridges are escape routes from delimited territories and permit creative actions and ideas to spark, to transform, to move and be moved beyond any recognized boundaries or environments, and to create new territories where everything is possible. The programme will focus on the creative research of these new territories through the practices of artists and scientists from Cyprus and the international scene.

.pelma.Lia Haraki in collaboration with NiMAC  [Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation] will host ten participants with a wide range of practices and specialisations, such as visual and performing arts, dramaturgy, performance art and science. During their residency, participants will have access to Theatropolis OPAP space and technical support so that they can conduct research centered around their field of practice, in communication with the curatorial team of the programme. As part of their residency, participants will deliver private or public presentations in the form they decide (performance, workshop, lecture or any other form of presentation).

Information on the evolution of the BRIDGES residency programme as well as the dates of public presentations will be announced on website and on our facebook and instagram pages.

The Bridges participants (in alphabetical order) are:

Aleksandra Borys (choreographer of art and science)

Alexis VAsiliou (performance artist / curator)

Charlotte Jarvis (visual artist)


Guy Cools (dance dramaturge)

Maria A Loizidou (cancer geneticist)

Marina Genadieva (visual and performance artist)

Nikolas Kasinos (performance and visual artist)

PASHIAS (visual artist)

Petros Konnaris (performance artist)


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Dr. Yiannis Papadakis




Members of the curatorial team are:

Lia Haraki

Andrea S. D’ Alessandro

Dr. Yiannis Toumazis